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Evaporative emissions testing from SGS – a comprehensive range of testing methods to determine the evaporative emissions levels of your vehicles, engines and components.

Highway in the dark

When it comes to evaporative emissions testing, you need to select the right method for your vehicle, engine or component type to get precise results. Our evaporative emissions testing services provide a wide range of accurate testing methods for developmental testing and homologation testing purposes.

Why choose evaporative emissions testing from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Test evaporative emissions, including those resulting from leaks of liquid fuel 
  • Identify hot soak, running-loss, resting-loss, and refueling-loss emissions 
  • Analyze vehicle fuel emissions that are not related to exhaust and determine the volatile organic compound (VOC) levels with Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) testing 
  • Meet the evaporative emissions testing requirements outlined in CFR Title 40 Part 86 with our variable temperature (VT) SHED testing
  • Measure any loss of gasoline vapors that might escape the vehicle’s onboard refueling vapor recovery systems (ORVR) during the refueling activity
  • Gain precise evaporative emissions measurement data for fuel system components
  • Select the appropriate evaporative emissions testing method for your fuel system, including a wide range of Mini and Micro-SHEDs, Multi-Point® technology and the weight loss method
  • Identify relative hot spots for hydrocarbon (HC) emissions and the various sources of HC emissions in complex fuel systems

Precise evaporative emissions testing from a leading provider

As a world leader in evaporative emissions testing, we offer state-of-the-art services for all types of evaporative emissions testing and characterization. We offer testing services for the smallest components to the largest engines, vehicles and machinery throughout the transportation industry, including the small off-road, automotive, marine and aerospace industries. 

Our facilities meet or exceed the requirements set in CFR Title 40 Part 86 for SHED and VT-SHED testing, ORVR testing, running-loss testing, and the full spectrum of evaporative canister loading services.

To find out more about our evaporative emissions testing services, contact us today.